Custom Inflatables & Event Signage - Made in USA

Yummy Tummy, a beloved local family-owned frozen yogurt shop, partnered with us at Inflatable Signs for an exciting project. Their goal was to bring their company mascot to life in a grand, tangible way. With this vision in mind, our team transformed Yummy Tummy’s 2D mascot, featured on their logo, into a vibrant, 12-foot-tall inflatable figure. This life-size, three-dimensional creation was meticulously crafted to adhere to Yummy Tummy’s specific PMS color palette, style, and brand guidelines. The resulting inflatable mascot exudes a friendly and welcoming aura, perfect for greeting customers at local events and the store. Its eye-catching and cheerful presence not only enhances the customer experience, offering a ‘smiling factor’ but also provides a fantastic backdrop for memorable photo opportunities. This project amplified Yummy Tummy’s brand presence, making it a delightful addition to any event or store visit.


Inflation System:


7' L x 6' W x 12' H

Package Dimensions:

12" L x 12" W x 12" H


31 lbs

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