Custom Inflatables & Event Signage - Made in USA

A true-to-life representation of Life Cider’s refreshing beverage. Standing at an impressive 10 feet tall, this inflatable replica is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring shadows and highlights that mimic the metallic sheen of a real can.

This inflatable isn’t just about size; it’s about making a memorable impression. The hyper-realistic design and compact internal blower system make it not only a standout addition to any promotional event but also surprisingly easy to manage and display.

Whether it’s for trade shows, store openings, or outdoor events, this larger-than-life inflatable can is designed to draw eyes and generate excitement about LifeCider’s brand and products.

Looking to make a big impact with your product promotion? Let’s talk about creating a custom inflatable that’s as unique and lively as your brand. Contact us for a quote and see how our inflatable replicas can elevate your marketing to the next level.


Inflation System:


10' H x 44" Diameter

Package Dimensions:

18" L x 18" W x 12" H


23 lbs

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