Custom Inflatables & Event Signage - Made in USA

Parabolic, an innovative marketing agency known for bringing brands to life, collaborated with us to create a striking inflatable product replica for their client, Chubby Snacks. This eye-catching inflatable pouch is a small-scale powerhouse, meticulously designed with an air valve that allows it to be inflated quickly and retain air, ensuring it remains inflated and attention-grabbing throughout any event.

Custom-printed with rich, vibrant UV-cured graphics, the replica perfectly captures the playful essence of Chubby Snacks’ peanut butter and strawberry jam pouches. The result is a vivid, lifelike display that pops, ideally suited as a handheld prop for trade shows or as a suspended feature that draws eyes in any setting.

Lightweight and portable, inflatable product replicas serve as a fun, engaging tool to amplify your brand presence. Looking for a similarly impactful promotional solution? Reach out to us at Inflatable Signs, and let’s craft a custom inflatable that tastefully enhances your brand’s visibility.


Inflation System:


1'9" L x 8" W x 2'6" H

Package Dimensions:

12" L x 12" W x 6" H


6 lbs

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