Custom Inflatables & Event Signage - Made in USA

Capitalizing on this lighthearted tradition, the giant 12-foot inflatable rubber duck created for Myers Auto Group is a brilliant nod to this culture. It’s a creative marketing strategy that resonates with Jeep owners and enthusiasts. The oversized 12-foot tall inflatable duck acts as a magnet for customers, drawing them into the dealership with a sense of familiarity and community. It stands as a larger-than-life representation of the playful spirit of “ducking,” turning the dealership into a landmark and a hub for Jeep culture. This inflatable duck was more than just an advertisement; it’s a symbol of the joy and the tight-knit bonds within the Jeep community, making it a perfect and innovative addition to the dealership’s promotional efforts.


Inflation System:

AirFlow™ (Cold-Air)


11.4’ L x 8.4’ W x 12’ H

Package Dimensions:

24" L x 19" W x 13" H


36 lbs

Products / Items Included:

Inflatable Rubber Duck
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