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ESPN’s College GameDay elevated the fan experience with a custom-designed, 25′ x 25′ inflatable misting tent, ingeniously crafted to offer a refreshing respite to fans during the exhilarating game days. This massive tent, emblazoned with the iconic College GameDay branding, wasn’t just about making a visual statement—it was about enhancing the game day atmosphere with a cool, misty haven.

Our team at Inflatable Signs incorporated a high-pressure misting system to ensure that the spirited fans could enjoy a fine mist, keeping the energy high and the heat at bay. The tent’s expansive size and commanding presence made it a hub of activity, offering a unique gathering spot for fans to rally and revel in the excitement of the day.

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Inflation System:


25' L x 25' W x 12' H

Package Dimensions:

36" L x 30" W x 30" H


95 lbs

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