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Innovation took a monumental form at the Amazon JAX2 Fulfillment Center with a custom-designed, 6-foot-tall inflatable light bulb display, created to celebrate their ‘Invented Here NACF’ event. This vibrant, eye-catching piece symbolized the bright ideas and breakthroughs nurtured within Amazon’s innovative environment.

Crafted to perfection, the display was not just a visual metaphor for inspiration; it also served as a beacon for the event, highlighting Amazon’s commitment to fostering creativity and ingenuity among its teams. The message ‘What idea will be invented here today?’ was prominently featured, encapsulating the essence of the NACF event’s spirit.

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Inflation System:


43" L x 43" W x 6' H

Package Dimensions:

16" L x 16" W x 12" W


17 lbs

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